How To Find Your Balance In Life And Not Get Burnt Out

There is so much to do. So little time! This is the paradox most ‘high performing’ professionals, face today. CXOs, senior leaders, founders seem to be forever juggling too many things, constantly multi-tasking and pushing their teams. The price? Burnt out!

Raul is a high-profile senior leader at a top global company. He has been instrumental in the company’s expansion into new markets and handles diverse and multi-cultural teams across geographies. He works 10-hour days in a hybrid workplace model. At a relatively young age, he has a 6 figure $ salary and all the material signs of great success.
Just 1 catch…
He could not sleep at night.
As time passed, he began to notice a pain in his upper back and shoulders. An almost constant dull pain throughout the day. He also noticed that he was becoming irritable, more so with his family! He tried having the odd drink to calm himself down. He even met with a therapist but was not comfortable starting off on the medication that was prescribed.
That is when…
Raul came across one of my posts on LinkedIn and sent me a message.
We set up a call and connected. I could see a very bright man, very high IQ, very competent, very articulate.
But on the edge!
I suggested to Raul that we approach his challenge from multiple sides as a holistic approach. We decided that first, we would have a few 1-on-1 sessions so that he started to learn the basics of mindfulness. As we did that Raul started loving some of the perspectives that started emerging for him. He himself felt that the next intervention should be to train his key leadership team!
So, we did that.
And true enough…
…there developed a common language and a more unified approach to high performance amongst the leaders. They then decided to expand some of the teachings to their teams and so we went on to do that!
A few months later, I had coached Raul and a few of his leaders 1-on-1 and had trained his extended team in mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence skills.
Here are some pre and post-training measurements!

  • 89% reported an improved ability to handle stress
  • 91% reported improved mental clarity
  • 89% reported improved connect with others

As for Raul, he has now moved on to a bigger role. His family is happier with him.
And he now says…
“Earlier I thought there was no work-life balance. But after working with Gopi, I realised how to find my balance IN LIFE. I now know that if life is balanced, everything else is balanced because after all, work IS A PART OF LIFE! And my team, they perform so much better now because now as their leader, I focus on creating the conditions for them to perform at their best.”

You can also achieve more…
…in life through mindfulness and emotional intelligence skills.

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