Success Stories

“My mindfulness Guru - that pretty much sums up my journey with Gopi! From his first in person sessions in Bangkok under the SIYLI programme, to being a part of our couple’s mindfulness practices during the pandemic and jumping in as a pain management counselor using mindfulness techniques for my mum during her surgery prep - he embodies the essence of a mindfulness lifestyle in his own life and calling. Gopi has the in depth ability to advise on a variety of extremely difficult seasons of life and coupled with his amazing high levels of EQ, he is the go to person to help you understand what your personal bespoke mindfulness practices can look like - which is truly the holy grail of any mindfulness lifestyle!”

Sheila Jeya Balan, Senior Legal Counsel, APAC, A+E Networks

‘A master in the true sense. Gopi can effortlessly help you see perspectives that transform your life from the ordinary to the extraordinary!’

Akono, Global Agri Company, Gabon, West Africa

‘Gopi has the unique ability to bring sharp clarity to your thinking and his mindfulness methods bring you calm. This and his own leadership experiences and wisdom have allowed me to achieve my best self as a successful entrepreneur, a business leader and in my personal life. I have been coached by Gopi for over 4 years now & I have benefited greatly from my association with him. I have the highest regard for Gopi as a 1-on-1 coach and human being and look forward to many more years of association with him.'

Naren CXO, India

‘There is a certain lightness to working with him that takes the stress out of being coached. Gopi’s methods are refreshingly different from many coaches I have worked with. Highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their life and professional success.’

Paul, Senior Healthcare Professional, UK

‘I had the great pleasure to be guided by Gopi through one of the toughest periods in my professional and personal life. He opened the door for me to mindfulness and seeing the world with all its challenges as a place of opportunity rather than obstacles. I am truly thankful to him and am continuing on my personal journey of discovery through mindfulness!'

Konrad Dobschuetz, Head of Digital Innovation, Novartis

‘He was great at conveying honesty and drawing deep reflections. His calm and concise explanations; also, the fact that he was able to let me into his personal backyard and understand where he comes from and what he has been through.'

Aiko, Participant Of Global Offsite In Japan

“Gopi is highly experienced in the space of mindfulness and meditation. He has an amazingly calm tone. This coupled with exceptional skills in active listening and his ability to break down complex issues into bite size matters that can easily be actioned upon makes him a very personable coach.”

Teofilus Ponniah, Senior HR Director, & Regional Head, Transformation - DHL

"Gopi is an inspiring mindfulness teacher. He gets his students to experience the benefits of the practice quickly, and then explains why it actually works. This along his calming presence which in itself acts as a goal post for new students makes the sessions he conducts quite effective."

Ankit Jain, Start-up founder

"Attending Gopi's session and practicing mindfulness for me has been a true blessing. I now feel aware, light and at so much ease nowadays."

Srinivas V, Entrepreneur